Love what you do…stop defending it!

love hr

It’s not February.  It’s not valentine’s day.  I am, however, going to encourage you to love.  It is also not January …or indeed New Year’s Day but I am going to encourage you to make a resolution for a lifetime… and that is to love your profession.

This is difficult in HR for many reasons 1) no one appears to be satisfied with us 2) we are a profession for the chronic perfectionist 3) there are a whole host of people telling us to ‘partner’, ‘disrupt’, ‘transform’ or be more OD like.  Ask yourself a question though… does any other profession worry so much about its reputation than ours?  Do you see finance professionals quaking in their boots at management boards?  No? is this because they are confident in their profession or is it because no one quibbles with the person with the calculator? perhaps a bit of both?

It is not easy to be confident in what we do, particularly when there is so much pressure to change it. Improvement is one thing but lets be careful we don’t dilute ourselves all together, as Leitch observed ‘“Like many things in life, how you perform determines your future, if some HR functions in companies are not performing, then they get sidelined.” Yet, I think we now perform quite well, we are close to the business (as Ulrich taught), we are thinking transformationally and we have scrutinised the (Sinek-esque) ‘why’ but perhaps what we are not doing is shouting about it loudly.  Food for thought anyway…

Article by Michelle Harte – Head of HR, West Midlands Employers

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