Myth Busting 101 – ‘Out of the box thinking’

“We can’t all be creative.”

“You can only be creative if you think with the right side of your brain.”

“You think logically so you don’t have creative ideas.”


We’ve all heard these statements in some form or other.

The left side vs right side of the brain is an interesting theory – but why let a theory limit your thinking?

We all have the means to be creative and adopt the sought after ‘out of the box thinking’ that is often thrown around in the work place.


With this in mind, it’s worth mentioning that I am left handed. According to the theory, I predominantly use the right side of my brain so of course I’m a creative person – right?

I do like to think of myself as a creative person who has innovative ideas.

However, I don’t let this stifle the analytical side of me. Give me a quadratic sequence and I can happily sit there for hours working out the answers.


We all naturally lean towards one type of thinking, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got the capabilities for the other.

For example, I’m currently taking a graphic design course; I am also considering a coding course.

Why shouldn’t I do both?

Why can’t I be both logical and creative simultaneously?

The answer is I can.

The only thing limiting our thinking is in fact the way we think. (A bit of a paradox!)


Let’s get away from the classic logical vs creative people and start embracing both.

The work place is a great place to get those creative juices flowing and start pushing the boundaries of our mind.

‘Out of the box thinking’ isn’t some mythical entity that only certain types of people can do.


Challenge yourself.

Start with a mind map. Or a list. Or sticky notes.

Whatever works best for you.

It’s not about changing yourself to be more creative.

It’s about making creative thinking work for you.

Because we’re all capable of it.

We just need the right environment to help us flourish.


Article by Illesse Uppal, Marketing Adviser, West Midlands Employers

(Find our more about Illesse here)


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