It’s winter, let’s start a virus…

Well not the kind of virus you might think, coughs, colds and sniffles are (s)not what I’m talking about.

If you want to make a big cultural change in 2018 think about how a virus spreads, then start one, a pandemic of change!

First, think about what you want to change, get your story together, your elevator pitch if you will. Make it compelling so that everyone who comes in to contact with it will “get it”.

Second, find your carriers. You are the first person, go looking for those in your organisation who will carry and spread the virus. These are the folks who radiate energy, who always see that the glass is beautiful whether it’s half full or half empty.

Finally, unleash the virus, the message, the story on your carriers. If you do it well, the virus will catch hold and spread in your organisation.

Then sit back, recover and get yourself a lemsip. Your work is done.

Happy Christmas, watch out for the bugs – unless you want to catch the virus.

Article by Craig Scriven – Head of People Services – Housing Maintenance, Kier Housing

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