Bird’s Eye View

Let me guess – what ran through your mind was branded fish fingers! This idiom isn’t at all fishy food but rather a great analogy to embrace and feed your soul in 2018 (it could also be a great icebreaker or story plug for your training delivery).

Question: Have you had the work-life-balance timeout in nature yet? Have you taken the time to observe the v-formed flight of birds across breath-taking landscape? If not place it on your ‘I-will-do-it’ resolution list!

Here is four behavioural directions from ornithology:

  • Birds are known for their sharpness of vision. In your personal sphere capture the big picture – know where you are going, how you are going to get there and set a time-scale so you can have an ‘I-love-myself’ celebration every calendar month. The same thing applies within the workplace – have a plan.
  • Birds fly together in sync and save energy. Working with others to achieve goals and good communication reduces the anxiety and stress of doing things solo.
  • Birds apply optimal positioning to enable their flight to last for a long time. Whatever role you occupy within work or in your personal life, it is an important Having an awareness of where others are around you and placing yourself in the best possible position to enable and be enabled matters.
  • Birds take turns to lead the v-flight. Leadership is not only a managerial style or skill allocated to one person, setting the course and anticipating change is something that everyone can do. Take ownership and lead through a project/idea/task and when you get tired don’t forget to pass on the learning gained to another.

I guess all that can be said is that this feathery display is a visual reminder that like them there is a time for everything – so now is the time, we are HR 2018!

Article by Shanda Reid, Business & Customer Service Advisor, West Midlands Employers

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