Make Inclusion & Diversity – your ‘ID’ for 2018

“There has been a seismic shift in 2017 around inclusion and diversity issues hitting the headlines in a range of sectors, from adverts by Dove which drew criticism over race, to examples of sexism in the technology industry and many more examples.

Make 2018 the year where our HR teams understand the need to ‘connect with the business’ has been dwarfed by ‘the need to connect with the community’ and customers we serve, to understand their needs in order to influence the business.

So in 2018 don’t just get out into the business; get out into the community, your local Gurdwara, Mosque, Care Home, School, whether that be because you’re a public sector organisation providing services to them or a business making products; you need to understand how to build and shape a workforce that represents the community you serve or sell to – to gain that competitive advantage.

This great film by Deloitte inspired me in 2017

and as lead for Inclusion and Diversity at the second largest police force in the country, it’s where we’ll be focusing on making a difference in 2018 to our community”

Article by Rebecca Davis, Assistant Director, West Midlands Police

(Find our more about Rebecca here)

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