12 days of Christmas….. and the winner is…

…wait for it!

It transpires that the 13th day of Christmas, or the thirteenth of our Loveyourhr blog series, will be lucky for one of our excellent bloggers and vloggers in that it falls to me to make the first big decision of 2018…. Which one of the excellent contributions will win first prize?  The fact that the prize is a signed copy of his latest book, donated kindly by Perry Timms, probably means that as our 4th day contributor he has ruled himself out of contention!  11 to go then.

On Day 1, we had Craig Scriven advising us how starting a virus can create a pandemic of change. Bless you Craig for coping admirably with man flu!  Day 2 saw our first festive theme with Illesse Uppal coaching us through how to use Secret Santa to develop your personal and team player profile.  This was quickly followed with Angela O’Connor (complete with Christmas hat!) sitting Ronnie Corbett style in a comfy armchair reminding us that if we treat people like adults, they will behave like adults at the Christmas party!

Day 4 saw Perry relating the natural phenomena of murmurations, termite mounds and swarming from Peter Miller’s book (Smart Swarm) into an organisational setting (I’m still trying to work out who are the ‘scrum master’ and the ‘queen bee’ in the WME swarms!).  Day 5 was a simple message of ‘lurrrrvvv’ (yourself and HR!) from the ever lovely Rachel Jones.  On Day 6, Denise Bolger, courtesy of her admiration for Tom Hanks, told us how you can sustain an oxygen supply in a space ship from a cardboard box, a sock and a plastic bag and that innovation thrives in every context.

As we move past the half way line, Day 7, Shanda Reid described four behavioural directions from ornithology, providing insightful comparisons to effective organisational performance.  Following Day 8’s New Year wishes to all our LYHR readers, Day 9 saw David de Souza engaging the HR and OD community with his own nine ‘top tips’ for improving the personal performance of HR professionals (if you can’t benefit from practising at least 5 of these, you are kidding yourself!).

On Day 10, inspired by a contribution from Deloitte’s, Rebecca Davis also looked forward to 2018, reflecting on the impact of various diversity and inclusion headlines of the preceding 12 months and advocating the social and business value of getting close to the communities you serve. Day 11 saw Karen Dumain describe to us the “intricate and complex dance of change”, relating many facets and aspects of the ballroom environment to individual development, collaborative working and organisational and system leadership, whilst quoting Margaret Mead, the long deceased American anthropologist whose fame was attributed to the force of her personality and her outspokenness.  Finally, our Day 12 contribution came from Yvonne Skingle, who ended our series with some thought provoking challenges for the new year and a touch of reflective self-therapy, contemplating the inseparability of people and place, the increasing complexity of the public-sector environment and the acceptability (and common sense) of learning from others.

Back to the judging… and I’m much more Len Goodman than Simon Cowell I guess (read into that what you may!), but as a sucker for simple metaphors and accessible analogies, it was those I read twice on publication that made the top three…. with honourable mentions to David and Shanda, the winner and my first place is awarded to Karen. Congratulations!  Reflecting on all of the unique contributions, for which we are very grateful, I’ll finish with another (insensitive but insightful) quote attributed to Margaret Mead “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else”.

Happy new year to all of our (now) thousands of LYHR readers and we invite all of you to add your own uniqueness to our wonderful mix of talented and thought-provoking contributors.

Article by Colin Williams, Director, West Midlands Employers

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