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Today is International Women’s Day.

It shouldn’t just be today that we make the effort to recognise women. We should be in a culture where everyone is recognised equally, all year round, for the impact and contribution they make as well as the individuals they are. The GC Index framework is used in organisations worldwide to drive equality and diversity. It pushes a language where everyone is recognised for being themselves and for the potential impact and contribution they make, irrespective of age, race, gender, sex, religion etc. It’s time to put the final nail in the coffin of discrimination and to ensure that every individual, everywhere, are recognised for that potential impact and contribution as well as the current impact and contribution they make.

Today is not just about recognising women, it’s about educating our youngsters, children and grand children on the importance that every individual represents and how vital their impact and contribution is to the world. We should celebrate the women who’ve made a difference, but we should also celebrate the potential difference EVERY woman can make.

I believe that everyone can make a game-changing impact no matter of their gender, ethnicity …or even job role. It’s refreshing to have a framework that helps to disrupt the traditional way in which we look at individuals, teams and high ‘potential’ talent within our organisations. The GC Index enables HR to provide a framework and language for people which is simple and effective, but also drives business impact. It provides the reliability, scalability and adaptability that our diverse client base requires. Most importantly of all is provides a level playing field to enable us to value the contributions of everybody within an organisation. It provides a language that we can share and work with to get the best from individuals and teams – that language is diversity of impact! I believe with the right coaching, mentoring, and development this framework can help individuals become even more impactful in delivering transformational change.

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So, how can you assess and develop your people for their impact on transformational change?

Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at the GC Index, will be sharing his findings on developing talent at our #loveyourHR Conference in June. This session will be an excellent opportunity to hear from Nathan directly about using the framework to assess the potential impact of individuals across entire organisations.

Click here to book your space at the conference, where we alongside the GC Index will explore this question with you.

Article by Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at the GC Index and Manny Sandhu, Head of Resourcing at West Midlands Employers.

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