HR is not about HR: HR Begins and Ends with the Business

HR is not about HR:

HR Begins and Ends with the Business

With the #LoveyourHR conference fast approaching, ahead of his keynote speech Dave Ulrich discusses his hopes to showcase exactly why it is a great time to be in HR. If you’re not feeling the love, or you’re pondering those great words uttered by Tina Turner (What’s love got to do with it?), then we urge you to attend our conference with an open mind and take on board what HR Guru Ulrich has to say. Why?

We believe Ulrich says it best:

‘In a world of increased social, technological, economic, political, environmental and demographic (STEPED) change, HR creates sustainable value if it recognises value is defined by the receiver more than the giver.’

Looking at this point from a public sector angle, along with all the complexities of the services we provide, I found myself contemplating the following:

  • What if there were no emergency services? Who could we call?
  • What if people did not clean our streets or take our rubbish?
  • What if public spaces, parks and gardens weren’t visually aesthetic?
  • What if the vulnerable in our society weren’t cared for or protected from harm?
  • What if the regeneration projects that give us great economic opportunities did not happen?
  • What if council housing was not maintained?
  • What if schools could not attract the right teachers?
  • What if attempts through local tourism did not promote or maximise the great places and buildings that the UK has to visit?
  • What if restaurants that did not meet basic hygiene standards were allowed to continue to operate?
  • What if our streets weren’t kept safe?

Ok, so we are not perfect, but the public sector is a rewarding place to work. Working in HR creates a varied and unique opportunity to get reward out of our jobs by having a purpose. Is HR that remote from that front line? Not really. Ulrich tells us that ‘We need to ensure our priorities are not about HR but about the value others receive.’

He offers the following 8 key tips for HR professionals from his book Victory Through Organization:

  1. Recognize that value is defined by the receiver more than the giver.
  2. Serve internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Appreciate and anticipate the business context.
  4. Deliver key outcomes of individual talent and organization capability.
  5. Use digital HR.
  6. Design the right HR department.
  7. Build the right HR competencies.
  8. Make line managers owners.

Ulrich encourages us to rate ourselves on a scale of 1–10 of how we feel we are delivering value to business.

If you agree with this ideology, you can hear from Ulrich directly at the #LoveyourHR Conference.

Article by Michelle Harte, West Midlands Employers, in collaboration with Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group.

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