How can HR foster innovation and drive transformation?

The most common comment we get from business leaders is that they need to change to keep up with the times. They want to ensure that they are leveraging their biggest asset – their people.

In an era of fast and profound change, HR has a huge opportunity to support organisations in recognising the impact individuals make and fostering a culture of innovation and transformation.

This culture of innovation and transformation is the path to long-term success. It is essential in shaping the future for organisations.

So, the way forward for HR is to act on a bold vision: to create a culture of innovation. It is up to HR to align all of their people to make an impact in the process of transformational change, innovation or digital disruption.

This is no easy feat. You can’t simply tell everyone that they have to change, be innovative or be creative because the reality is that organisations change faster than most of us can adapt.

What organisations, including Orange, Network Rail, NHS, Water for People and Dyson, have found works is introducing a common language and framework to show everyone how they can adapt to the process of innovation or change. They are using The GC Index® framework to help individuals understand how they make their impact and this leads to them feeling more empowered and engaged.

Eleanor Allen, Chief Executive of Water for People says, “The GC Index® framework has given us a common language and framework, which is helping us understand how we each contribute, and then contribute as teams. This is key to helping us be a game-changing organisation.”

You can hear more from the GC Index at the Love Your HR Conference on the 21st June.

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Article by Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at the GC Index

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