The 90 Day Plan


I’m thrilled to have joined WME as the new Chief Executive.

It’s exciting to join an organisation which has a strong reputation and brand for delivering a broad range of high quality and innovative HR and OD services.

As a HR professional, it doesn’t get much better than leading an organisation, whose sole focus is HR and OD rather than an enabling service, and it’s a rare opportunity to serve over 30 public sector organisations.

My first 90 days as Chief Executive will see me focus on three key themes:

Getting up to speed – My priority areas here are about getting to know the organisation and our client base:

• Internally at WME I will be spending time getting to know the team and our associates, understanding the business and what they do, the budgets and products and services, as there will be some decisions over prioritisation we need to make later this year. I will also be working with the team to really understand what a ‘future’ WME looks like and what our values are as an organisation.

• Externally I will be focused on meeting with the HR client base we work with on a weekly basis, the Directors and Heads of HR across our 32 LA’s; where possible I will be meeting some of those individually and others at our upcoming events.

• Nationally I’ll be making time to build relationships with the other Regional Employers Organisations, their CEO’s, Directors and wider teams. At WME we need to collaborate and work closely together and I also hope to learn a lot from my counterparts in the other Region’s and look to them to be my ‘phone a friend’ during my first year, as the role of the REO is a unique one.

Focusing on our 2019/20 delivery – Meeting our commitments for the year ahead is a priority.

• I will be focused on ensuring WME can deliver a balanced budget for 2020, this will require us to develop a clear delivery plan for 2019/20, for approval by our Management Board in May.

• I will be working with the team to ensure we can meet all our commitments to clients and can resource any new requests for services that come in; key to this will be growing and strengthening our associate client base.

• Whilst I lead WME, I also will be delivering services directly, both as ‘core service’ for our Local Authorities and associate members and for larger pieces of ‘consultancy’; so if you want me to carry out a piece of work, please drop me an email.

Looking to the future – My focus is on delivering a new Strategic Plan for 2020 onwards.

• I will be leading a review of WME’s services and income, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the Region’s Local Authorities and public sector organisations. There will be a focused consultation with all our clients, that will take us to launching a new Strategic Plan in January 2020…. I’ll be finalising a timetable and approach to this in my first 90 days.

I look forward to updating you on progress soon, and if you have any questions or comments please drop me a message.

Rebecca Davis,
Chief Executive
West Midlands Employers

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