Star Quality

Its that time of year again where our minds gravitate to gifting, food and well-earned holiday breaks. It is the month before resolutions are formed and an opportunity to dwell on the beauty of life. According to Ralph Emerson, a star is an ‘envoy of beauty’ and I thought it would be great to propose how this beauty can be achieved using the four letters of STAR as an acronym, so you shine from the inside out:

  • Stuff to Always Remember is that reward and recognition goes beyond finance, pomp and circumstance. Your health and wellbeing is a key aspect to keep in mind. Here is a star fact: they only twinkle because of movement; and like this celestial being, we also need to move to boost our productivity and concentration by getting your blood pumping and sending oxygen to your brains. Consider Virgin Pulse’s employee wellbeing initiative to build healthy habits.
    • Schedule Support Time and Recovery no matter what is happening in our working day to re-energise. Okay here is another star fact… there are different types of stars and that difference is like a revolving door in your life where the relevant present is allowed to enter and the irrelevant past can exit. Consider Mindfulness Meditation to increase your ability to focus on the present. Psychologist Tadhg O’Seaghdha summarises it well – “you to feel how you want to feel all the time more of the time”.
  • Stop Talking and apply Resilience means that you push yourself beyond the envelope of social norms and expectations as a personal leadership approach isn’t necessarily an intrinsic skill but rather a learning course of action. True leadership transcends your position and looks for any area that needs to be cultivated. The most important investment behind the facts is ourselves and it is this wisdom that puts us ahead of the game.

So let us guess, you’ve finally got the tree up in its designated place. With bending, lifting and stretching you have placed every decoration that is needed baubles, ribbons, trinkets and for the sentimental – your memories. The last thing to complement your decor is the highest honoured star and when you placed that star there it means that all is complete and so you are.

Season greetings from West Midlands Employers which we hope is full of star quality.

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