Recruiting with the future in mind

In an articled published in The MJ, Lesley Shore examines Local Government workforce needs to deliver further efficiencies and drive greater productivity in it’s workforce – the article tackles how should HR as a profession be leading employers to drive even further transformation and change in the workforce.

Its an often over used phrase ‘start with the future in mind’ but when it comes to planning the workforce needs of the future, its incredibly hard to get agreement on what that vision of the future is and even harder to start planning for that future.

The CIPD recently launched its revised purpose statement aimed at HR Professions, with the strap line:

“Principles led, evidence based, and outcome driven”. This has the aim of focussing HR professionals to stand behind this rallying cry and improve on the HR offer for the future.

So, within the world of Local Government, with ever reducing resources, a skills shortage in social care and education already impacting on hard pressed HR leaders, how can they work with their Chief Executives and political leaders to deliver further transformational change?

What might be more appropriate in this context is to reverse the proposition – and start from the outcome statement. What outcome do we need to see for the future? Efficiencies and productivity are not likely to be driven by reducing staff numbers or cutting services, for many Authorities this is now “old news” and scope to address this is no longer an option.

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Article By:

Lesley Shore, MCIPD
Director Of Corporate, HR and Membership Services, West Midlands Employers

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