It’s true: Laughter is a tonic that we all need right now!

Did you know that there is a laughter online university? Or that there is Laughter Yoga? or that there are so many quotes on laughter and the positive effects it has for us?

What I have learnt in this stage of my university of life, is that working in the midst of COVID-19 can impact you in so many ways. I’ve heard about increased stress and pressure with redeployments and I have felt like all of you have had the adjustment (or was it a jolt) of working differently, using a variety of platforms to communicate to colleagues, clients and even our own family members. Now into week 5, some words that may come to mind describing our past weeks maybe “challenging”, “unprecedented”, “difficult” and “daunting”.

I love my work for it has provided an opportunity of exposure to what organisations and people need or want during this COVID19 period. The call for webinars around resilience were overwhelming but when WME offered a laughter taster tonic called ‘Ordinary Human Laughter Hangout’, it went down like a storm with all participants including me! Every time I think about the session, a huge smile appears on my face! Now I have to try and describe what it is all about? But before I do that, here is a quote worth noting from one participant:

‘I feel so energised and the laughter with strangers was brilliant and shows how we are all human! I loved the short meditation and the notion of my inner smile radiating out to the world will stay with me’.

Gary Loftus, the facilitator orchestrates the online space to connect with others, share the wonders of laugher with guided relaxation and an opportunity to talk through stuff. I assure you that laughter does not solve our challenges and difficulties, but it certainly dissolves them like Phyllis Diller stated: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”.

‘Ordinary Human Laughter Hangout’ is a 30-minute webinar via MS Teams in the comfort of your own home offering the opportunity to laugh and relax. According to Norman Cousins, Laughter Yoga “is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations”.

From my experience of this session, I had time to rethink, recharge and reimagine my world with Gary emphasising the internal health benefits that this session brings such as boosting the immune system, increased oxygen intake, developing a level of mindfulness and peace. Maintaining mental health is important for all of us; making time for yourself can completely change your mindset into learning about your resilience and inner-strength (away from home-schooling your children, tackling the next food shop, work and phones).

For further info and to book your place, please contact:

Stay safe and well, this storm will pass.

Article By:

Polly Sharma (MCIPD)

Senior Consultant – Leadership & Organisational Development

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