About Nathan Ott

nathan ottNathan is Chief Polisher at The GC Index Ltd. He has helped thousands of leaders worldwide to change their game and transform their organisations by confronting challenges, disrupting traditional ways of approaching talent management and creating a simple model, which is effective and outcome driven.

He transforms organisations by using The GC Index® framework to help employees understand how they can make an impact and leaders create game-changing teams. He is frequently asked to run workshops and speak at conferences and business events on a range of subjects, including organisational innovation and transformational change, game-changing teams, the diversity of contribution and ways to lead organisations in current times.

Nathan worked with Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index Ltd, to carry out research to identify game-changing talent: The DNA of a Game Changer  and The DNA of a Game-Changing Team. This work led to the development of The GC Index®, an organometric and the first assessment instrument to identify Game Changers and the game-changing contributions individuals and teams can make. The GC Index® provides the framework and language that gives individuals clear focus for maximising their contribution.

Nathan is also Director of eg.1, business insight and talent consultancy. He began his career in research working for a growth accelerator specialist within the technology and professional services sectors; after three years he joined an international consultancy providing business and technology solutions. Nathan holds a degree in International Business and Economics from the University of Westminster and Universitat d’Alacant respectively.