About Richard Wills


Richard Wills is the Managing Director of Breckland Training Services (BTS), a local authority owned training and development service that specialises in delivering management and leadership competencies to local government customers. Richard is also the writer and creator of the Local Authority Challenge©, local government’s only management and leadership live simulation experience. 

Richard launched BTS on behalf of Breckland Council (Norfolk) in 2012. Using his passion for creative problem solving, Richard developed a suite of innovative L&D products that offered clients an alternative and more engaging answer to the normal, run of the mill class room type events that they were being offered by others. 

Richard’s strong and deep public sector knowledge began in the civil service before he joined Breckland Council in 2007. Since launching BTS, he has worked with other 50 different local authorities from across the country, working with and developing both their officer base and elected members. 

Away from BTS, Richard is a fanatic of Middlesbrough Football Club (his home town), he is a Guinness World Record Holder (don’t get too excited), a lover of fine food (and sometimes the not so fine) and he has performed as a Master of Ceremonies at over 1000 weddings.