Hi I’m Michelle Harte and welcome to our loveyourhr blog.

The blog is for anyone who already loves HR or really wants to. The reason I started this blog is to give HR a bit of a facelift.

For too long in some places we are too easily downgraded as a support function when we are often the best placed to understand how people tick and how organisations work – that’s a powerful combination.

My movement is to focus on the Chief Executives, Directors and Managers who get this and we will be highlighting their positive experiences in this blog site as well as the work of outstanding HR professionals working to change this perception. In our view, you’re either on the bus (or in our case camper van) or you need to get off.

There is already an army of bloggers ready to contribute as well as our own talented team so if you’d like to join the list of bloggers tweet me @mtcart124_harte

A bit more information about me:

In my day job, I am the Head of HR at West Midlands Employers (WME).

WME works closely with 33 authorities across the West Midlands as well as other Public Sector bodies.

I am a fellow of the CIPD and have an MBA from the University of Birmingham.

To keep up with all of the WME news follow @WMEmployers

For more information about WME, visit http://www.wmemployers.org.uk