An Introduction to Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Rob is an awesome facilitator, communicator trainer and coach, with a wealth of international experience. He’s unflappable, always staying cool and calm no matter the situation.

As a co-director of people productivity consultancy Thinking Focus [], Rob works with clients ranging from medium-sized enterprises to divisions of blue chip multi-nationals both in the UK and abroad.

Thinking Focus helps teams and business units achieve breakthroughs by focusing on mindset and helping people to remove interference. Rob and his colleagues use a flexible and practical tools-based approach combined with their proven psychology-based methodology to help people think and work differently, and to define a clear and shared vision.

Rob has a deep understanding of how people react to change and a keen ability to disarm people. He then, ever so smoothly, helps them identify and embrace the change for themselves. His knowledge, insight and experience means he can handle groups in conflict or going through a difficult time, adapting his style and material to ensure the best possible outcome.

Rob is also involved in rolling out a new management development resource called What Would You Do? (WWYD) []. Created by Rob and the Thinking Focus team, it is based on a traditional board game and uniquely blends several concepts into one solution: gamification, psychological safety, peer-assisted learning, and relevant contextualised role-based scenarios.

WWYD is aimed at first line managers, team leaders and supervisors, and can also be used to develop graduates or identify management potential. Played by peers in small groups, it provides a safe environment in which to discuss and debate everyday management issues, and to commit to new behaviours.